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Ein Pastebin (auch NoPaste) ist eine Webanwendung, die es Benutzern ohne Anmeldung erlaubt, beliebige Textschnipsel, üblicherweise Quelltext von Programmen, auf die Webseite hochzuladen. Dort können die Texte öffentlich eingesehen werden. Zu dem typischen Funktionsumfang eines Pastebin-Systems gehört Syntaxhervorhebung für diverse Programmiersprachen.

Mit Pastebin-Systemen kann man Texte schnell über eine einfache URL zugänglich machen. Dies macht die Verwendung in Chats und Foren sehr einfach, da lange Texte oder Listings nicht dort gespeichert werden müssen. Lange Textpassagen in Chats werden meist als Floods empfunden und beeinträchtigen den Chatverlauf. Quelle:

Was ist Pastebin?

pastebin is here to help you collaborate on debugging code snippets. If you're not familiar with the idea, most people use it like this:

How can I view the differences between two posts?

When you view a post, you have the opportunity of editing the text - this creates a new post, but when you view it, you'll be given a 'diff' link which allows you to compare the changes between the old and the new version

This is a powerful feature, great for seeing exactly what lines someone changed

How can I delete a post?

If you clicked the "remember me" checkbox when posting, you will be able to delete post from the same computer you posted from - simply view the post and click the "delete post" link.

In other cases, contact us and we will delete it for you

What's a private pastebin and how do I get one?

You get a private pastebin simply by thinking up a domain name no-one else is using, e.g. or Posts made into a subdomain only show up on that domain, making it easy for you to collaborate without the 'noise' of the regular service at

All you need to do is change the web address in your browser to access a private pastebin, or you can simply enter the domain you'd like below.

Go to

Please note that there is no password protection - subdomains are accessible to anyone who knows the domain name you've chosen, but we do not publish a list of domains used.

Subdomains für deine Programmiersprache...

If a subdomain matches a language name, the required syntax highlighting is selected for you, so will preselect Ruby automatically.

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Ist der Dienst wirklich Kostenlos?

Ja, dieser Dienst versucht über die Google Werbung die Serverkosten zu decken.

Can I get the source?

The source code to this site is available under a GPL licence. You can download it here

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